Friday, July 12, 2019

Magical Dog Breeds

          Our oldest companion, the Dog. In our reality we have a dizzying amount of land races which have been developed over the millennium to keep us company and aid us in the world. Why would a fantasy or sci-fi setting be any different? This table contains 20 breeds of various strange and magical canine companions for use in D&D/OSR. The region names are derived from my home brew setting.

Volmusian Ember Hair
A breed derived from fire elemental stock, bred by druids as attack animals. Fiery red hair, maned, with a sturdy frame and short snout. 1d3 Fire damage/round if within 5ft and the dog dislikes you.
Mutt of Tindalos
Possessed of the blood of creatures which exist outside of space-time; this canine does not move, it simply stutters & teleports up to 40ft in a round instead. They are off-putting creatures, emaciated and long-limbed with greenish-grey fur.
Descended from the hounds owned by vampires. Sable-furred, with crimson eyes and bodies built for pursuit. Hemohounds feed on blood, and biting living creatures heals them. Each successful bite restores 1 HP to the dog.
Smuggled out from Hades itself, these stocky, well-muscled and snub nosed dogs have multiple heads for observing the comings and goings of the dead. Advantage on anything to do with multi-tasking or perception. Roll 1d6 - 1-3: 2 heads, 4-6: 3 heads.
Dorician Pale Dog
Developed by fakirs for the purposes of curing diseases, these wane and mangy beasts are capable of taking diseases into themselves by licking the afflicted and transferring them to another through the means of coughing or sneezing fits.
Dolchean Mole-hound
A strange breed of canine developed by dwarves to help them guard their subterranean farms. Mole-hounds have short white fur, huge reflective eyes, and massive paws. These dogs can burrow and dig at half the speed at which they can run.
Sivardian Chaser
These huge, grey-furred, and wolf like dogs were bred by Hobgoblins to keep pace with and flush out their traditional Centaur rivals. Chasers move 20ft faster a round than a typical canine.
Phantom Cur
Cultivated from canines repeatedly revived through necromantic means, these eerie hounds outwardly seem like normal members of their species, but they often go minutes without breathing or days without blinking. Their own proximity to death allows them to sense and affect incorporeal beings.
Spell Terrier
Developed by generations of spell-casters to be the ideal Familiar, spell terriers are small enough to be carried on one's person and are possessed of luxurious hair suitable for petting. Spell Terriers can identify and retrieve spell components and magical items.
Witcher Spaniel
A dog bred by mage-hunters to help them identify their targets. These spaniels are tall and long-bodied, with short dark coats and pointed features. Witchers can sense the presence of magic, and will growl when a spell is used in their presence.
Ceirwannian Hunting Hound
Graceful and sleek of profile, these shaggy-haired hunting dogs are a traditional companion of elvish rangers, and are used to help their owners harry prey. Ceirwannians gain advantage on all rolls relating to stealth or ambush.
Splay-toed Goblin Dog
Long of limb and short-furred with large digit pads, these dogs are used by Goblins as both draft and riding animals. Their feet allow them to easily bound and scurry up the broken terrain and caves in which their masters make their homes. Splay-toes ignore the effects of difficult terrain and climb half as their movement speed.
Chardonian Water Spaniel
Savior of pirates and sailors the world over, Chardonian are mid-sized short-haired dogs which come in a variety of blues. Fiercely loyal, these dogs are trained to retrieve folk thrown overboard during sea voyages. Chardonian have been interbred with water elementals, and they may breathe underwater and swim as quickly as they run.
Drowish Oozehound
Bizarre and terrifying creatures designed by the dark elves as guardians for their slave pens. These beasts tend towards bright and playful personalities, their fur replaced by semi-translucent globules of tar like ichor. A bite (or nuzzle) from an Oozehound necessitates a strength check to escape.
Saoghal Cultivated Dog
A servant dog bred by the nobility to be a gentleman's best friend, these beautiful beasts move with the poise and elegance of an aristocrat. Their long fur is kinked into tight spools which must be brushed daily to keep from knotting. Saoghals are incredibly intelligent, watching those that treat with their owners carefully, barking or growling when they suspect that lies are being told.
Originally the product of a now obscure and likely mad arch-mage, this breed of dog is now chiefly treasured by cheap side shows and thieves. Doppeldachshund are able to briefly alter their form into that of other animals of their own approximate size. They can maintain an alternate form for only ten minutes before shifting back.
Corantinian War Dog
Chosen from the fiercest and largest stock by generations of crusaders to foster a gargantuan canine which rivals a small pony in size. Corantinians have thick coats of white fur which braid themselves into thick protective cords as the dog matures. Corantinians have an extra Hit Die than a typical canine.
Troll-blooded Laika
This particular land race was developed by goblinoid tribes to aid them in their hunts and raids. Interbred with regenerating creatures, these dogs are utterly fearless and unflinchingly loyal. They are a mid-sized breed and of average build, but they are terribly ugly, covered in patches of uneven and wart-ridden fur. Troll-blooded Laika regenerate 1/HP a turn. Laika eat double the amount of a typical dog.
Poison Dart Dog
Inspired by the similarly named amphibian, a group of shaman deep within the jungles of Auyyuah have bred a line of canines capable of producing and expelling poisons. These dogs can at will exude a class 'M' poison. They are hairless and sleek creatures, with slick patches where the poison naturally pools.
Platinum Retreiver
An offshoot of common hunting dogs, these somewhat dopey and friendly beasts can detect the presence of precious metals up to 60' away.